Womens Self Defense Seminar Video

Program Benefits:

√ Learn to use quick, effective, and decisive responses to

eliminate immediate danger.

√ Learn easy to remember, instinctual defenses for the most

common attacks against women.

√ Learn powerful, practical strikes and defensive position.

√ Learn defenses from chokes, grabs, and rape scenarios.

√ Opportunities to practice and use realistic self defense techniques.

And much more!

Training Concepts:

*Pay attention to people around you.  Criminals tend to exhibit

predatory behavior before an attack.

*Stay with people or go to people.  Do not let yourself be taken

somewhere else, if you do there will be no one to help you.

*Keep a barrier between you and the bad guy. Anything that requires

more time and effort for him to get through increases his chance of being

discovered and caught.

*Attract attention. Honk the horn, scream and kick, break things. The

key is to make him think someone will come investigate the racket.

*Control his hips and his hands. You are controlling the distance

between the two of you and preventing him from getting closer to hurt you


*Fight like a girl. Don’t try to fight a man like a man. Use your strongest

weapons against his weakest targets

To schedule a women's

self defense seminar, contact

Real World Krav at 203-415-0686

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